Trusted Black Girl Network

The Trusted Black Girl Network is open to EVERYONE irrespective of gender, ethnicity, race or culture. The aims of the network are to create:
- inclusive spaces where members can discuss intersectional feminism
- focused opportunities for discussions between members who share affinity, values, professional or personal goals.
- links with like-minded organisations and professional groups to drive gender equality in workplaces and beyond.

Membership benefits
- Access to exclusive content focused on intersectionality, feminism and gender equality

- Networking opportunities

- Access to action learning sets for goal setting, accountability and peer support

- Early access to Trusted Black Girl products and services

- Bi-Monthly TBG conference calls

- Discounted partner offers

Joining the network is easy.

  1. Enter your email address below and click to pay your subscription
  2. We send out your joining forms
  3. You become a valued member of the TBG Network

Special Introductory Membership Investment of £23.00 per year